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"Sen. Heinrich gets his first Republican challenger"

By Piñon Post / September 14, 2023 / New Mexico, News, Politics

This week, far-left U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich got his first Republican challenger who will aim to defeat him in 2024.

Ben Luna of Alamogordo has thrown his hat in the ring to remove the two-term senator. Luna is an “entrepreneur, independent citizen journalist, and American patriot who aims to return America to the founding principles which created the greatest and freest nation.” Most recently, Luna served as the Republican Party of Otero County chairman.

“Aside from experiencing the restriction of liberties during the Covid pandemic, Ben has witnessed the widespread devastation of authoritarian policies and the social degradation of woke progressive activism. Ben is determined to safeguard American rights, freedoms, and opportunity for hardworking Americans and the rising generation,” he wrote in a press release.

Luna’s platform includes protecting children from late-term abortion, going against “indoctrinating curriculum” in schools (including gender activism), cutting “red tape” that “restricts vital New Mexican and American industries like logging, ranching, oil, and gas,” and eliminating wasteful spending in government.

He also strongly advocates for the referendum project to put multiple far-left bills on the ballot in 2024 for citizens to vote for or against. According to Better Together New Mexico, he is the referendum project’s county captain.

He said, “This is one priority of my campaign, but it’s not just at the state level we need to fix this,” noting that “at the national level this needs all parents, grandparents, and relatives to be all hands on deck for our children’s future. Their lives literally depend on us to stand in the gap.”

Luna filed his campaign committee, “LUNA4US,” via the Federal Election Commission on Monday, July 3, 2023.

Luna shared the following statement in declaring his candidacy:

If you’re reading this, then know that this letter comes from my heart and urgency God has given me to make a call to action for those who love God and are willing to stand for Him.
What I’ve seen come together in our state isn’t happening only in our state. I asked Charlie Kirk a question, and told him my years of studying has lead me back to a very simple topic. I told him I’ve studied the parallels of tyrannical government during the Roman Empire & the times of Christ, the parallels of Nazi Germany, and our founding of the United States of America in our separation from a corrupt state church and corrupt king, and what it lead me to is a 10 episode documentary from Francis Schaffer, “How should we then live”. During the Ronald Reagan Election, this documentary was circulating the churches of America, and not many gave Francis Schaffer credit for what He did, but Ronald Reagan gave Francis credit for helping awaken the church to be engaged for a Ronald Reagan victory. Francis Schaffer and his wife were invited to the white house post victory.
Back to the question I asked Charlie Kirk, I asked him if he’s seeing the same thing I’ve seen happen in my own state as far as what’s circulating in the churches of New Mexico. I’ve seen David Barton’s “Biblical Citizenship” course, and Rick Greens “Constitution Alive” Circulating the church in New Mexico, but there’s a book circulating in the New Mexico churches called, “A letter to the American Church” by Eric Metaxas. I asked if Charlie Kirk was seeing this message circulate the church at the national level, and he said it was.
Charlie Kirk stated, “I’m hopeful for the change that’s happening in our culture, but what concerns me is that it’s not fast enough”. He also stated the best thing you could do in a blue state is a Referendum because it focuses the momentum and people from both sides of the ballot can get involved.
The reason for the information above is a call to action not like you’ve received in times past, but a cry for urgency. Through knowledge of the parallels of tyrannical government, I see 1 consistency, lives are lost. As a believer in God and His word, I know and we know even more is at stake for eternity when lives are lost. Those who push a marxist, socialist, or communistic agenda know this as well, but their view of life and humanity doesn’t have anything that saves life or humanity. My call to you is to not play the traditional Pre-Primary game to wait until June to invest into those who are facing this battle head on.
What I’ve seen in our state is nothing short of a move of God awakening the masses to the dangerous conditions of New Mexico, with laws that destroy our children physically, spiritually, and permanently. The call is to give all you have, all you can, with all your capabilities, until there’s reform, or to whatever end. We know how much our children’s lives depend on it. We know how much our neighbors, family and friends depend on us to stand now. The one scary thing about all I’ve mentioned is most of the population of New Mexico doesn’t have the slightest clue of what laws have passed, I’ve seen that first hand traveling the state, but I’ve also seen the effects of putting boots on the ground to inform, train, and educate communities on these laws, and it’s produced results of awakened citizens.
I’m asking for you to partner now in this effort across our state. Lives can be saved from these destructive laws if we act with urgency. I’ve seen the effects of what happens when God’s people are silent, and Nazi Germany’s variety of camps is the consequence. We do have something special God has created in New Mexico and America, but never acting, never speaking, and never teaching will cause this opportunity to dissipate quicker than it formed.
I’m asking for you to partner now with this campaign I’m running. I’m careful to call what we’ve done in our state collectively and what we do in the future, God’s Campaign, because that’s the truth. This campaign is for lives to be saved and our way of life to be saved. This campaign is for our children to be protected and the possibility for our nation to have a future to be saved. We have the media capability to disperse much of this information to the masses, and with what is circulating in the churches of America and New Mexico, The time to act is NOW. Don’t wait until June to invest in a movement that started before 2020, but also a movement that will not cease after 2024. A non-stop campaign for our God and our Country.
We can meet these Marxists head on with everything in our arsenal, and lives will be saved. You never know the effects of our efforts, and just as the Apostle Paul once was against the church, God got involved and birthed in this man, the ability to organize communities, raise up leaders to take over in those communities, and churches to forever stand in the gap for humanity.
I’m with you for the long haul, not just for an election,

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