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Ranching UNCANCELED: Episode 1 "Cease and Desist"

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Internationally there's word of a movement against our food supply... food factories up in flames, most recently chicken farms up in flames, but also, an assault against our Ranchers.

Spike and Kelly Goss with the SGA (Sacramento Grazing Allotment have been forced out of compliance by new mandates annually deeming them so. The accusations of their cattle overgrazing, when in fact, an overpopulated number of elk have grazed in advance to their cattle getting to allotments which are used as proof.

The USFS stated elk population would be kept at 1000, but locals think the population is at about 18k to 20k.

The USFS has spent millions with electric fencing, and now steel and chain link fencing attempting to block cattle out of water rights they do not own, killing elk in the process, and leaving more of a footprint than the cattle and elk combined, but our ranchers get the blame, the threats, and are forced out of compliance, while being bullied into reducing their head of cattle from about 500 to 100 head.

This is something citizens in the city experienced during the lockdowns, and forced compliance or you were heavily fined for keeping your doors open for business during a plandemic aimed at businesses.

Well our ranchers have faced this for decades, with lawyer fees already in the millions, Spike and Kelly are to the point they don't want to pass on this allotment to their children. That's the goal of environmentalists, a goal which has worked before to put industries out of business over a spotted owl, thistle, or in this case, the "possibility" of a "endangered" jumping mouse (not proof) might make the exact location of water rights a habitat.

This is an attempt of a taking, but citizens of Otero County won't sit by and allow our neighbors to go through this alone. We will have magazines, flyers, etc. to put pressure on the USFS to stop bending a knee to a non-elected entity who should not have more power than the federal government, let alone the owners of the water rights.

What a shame. They won't stand alone.

(We are reposting this episode due to a glitch when we attempted to make this first on our videos produced. Thousands have watched already, millions will know about their story and hopefully will stand in solidarity.

This is a LEXIT documentary. Latinos Exiting the Democrat Party.


Ben Luna is a candidate for U.S. Senate in New Mexico.


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